Still She Rises Opens its Doors to North Tulsa Community

Today, we officially opened our doors and welcomed the people of North Tulsa to Still She Rises! Over 90 people came out to 567 E. 36th Street North to celebrate this exciting launch with us. Alongside community members, faith leaders, local elected officials, judges, and funders, we were thrilled to launch Still She Rises as the first public defender office in the country dedicated exclusively to representing mothers in the criminal justice system.

We heard words of welcome from Patrice James and Robin Steinberg of our team and Amy Santee of the George Kaiser Family Foundation. Robin thanked the North Tulsa community for receiving Still She Rises with open arms and shared her vision for the organization’s work:

“We deeply believe in the value of each client, in her humanity, and in her dignity. No one should be judged solely by her own worst act, and it’s our job to give that context - both personal and historic - about why that client might have become involved in the criminal justice system. What Still She Rises is here to do is provide comprehensive advocacy with the hope that we will reduce the rate of incarceration for women from this community, reunite them with their children, and stabilize families. We are thrilled to be here and we can’t wait to work with each of you to move justice forward for women, for families, and for this community.”