Founding Values

  • Women-Focused: Still She Rises empowers the women we serve take an active role in their defense, the strategy and the actions of their team. Women are shown empathy and warm genuine understanding in an open and non-judgmental environment. This encourages the women we serve to direct the improvement of their overall situation.

  • Holistic Strategy: Working with an interdisciplinary group of specialists to advocate in key areas that affect a woman’s future success including housing, criminal cases, family cases, access to funds, transportation, mental and physical health services, and food.

  • Community Partnership: Still She Rises is informed, influenced and instructed by the community we serve to better address together chronic issues, trends and problems through the lens of what would best serve the members of our community.

Core Values

  • Excellence & Zealousness in All Representation

  • Creative & Compassionate Advocacy

  • Encouraging & Amplifying Clients’ Voices

  • Recognizing & Respecting the Dignity of All


  • We see a just society where the dignity of every member of that society, regardless of gender, is respected.

Still She Rises seeks to:

  • Reduce jail time and increase the number of non-incarceratory sentences that women with children serve in order to minimize the harmful long-term effects of incarceration on women and families.

  • Defend mothers involved in the criminal justice system against the painful and unnecessary removal of their children and the potential dissolution of their families.

  • Preserve women’s hard-earned jobs, maintain stable housing and public benefits, defend against the forfeiture of property, correct criminal record errors, preserve rights challenging police misconduct, and educate judges and prosecutors about the debilitating consequences of arrest and incarceration.

  • Provide individualized social support to families, in addition to connecting them to vital services like substance abuse treatment, counseling, and parenting classes.

  • Assist families in negotiating court fee reductions and creating payment plans for these fees to ensure that they do not become trapped in debt, resulting in the further destabilization of their lives.

  • Serve as a clearinghouse and backup center for public defenders nationwide seeking to develop better ways to represent women and preserve families.